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Online Therapy is One Click Away

I’m feeling fine then, from out of nowhere, I sneeze. And suddenly I think, is it the virus?

I turn up the thermostat a bit too high on a chilly day, then when it gets too warm, I wonder, do I have a fever?

I know my reactions are irrational, but my fears are not. The COVID-19 outbreak is threatening our economy and our lives. While those with underlying health conditions are most at risk from the virus, we’ve all heard stories, or perhaps known personally, someone in the prime of their life succumb to the disease.

On March 10, I became aware of a therapist who had contracted the coronavirus from client contact. After reviewing public health guidance and consulting with my professional organization and colleagues, I decided the next day to transition to exclusively online therapy.

The transition has been relatively smooth except for a few predictable bumps. A few clients preferred the more intimate relational connection that occurs when face-to-face with their counselor and chose to pause their therapy. I certainly understand that choice, but with three full weeks of conducting therapy through a secure online video chat, I am convinced that this modality is not only effective, but to some clients, preferable.

Telehealth has been an increasingly common modality for delivering healthcare. Developed as a means to provide healthcare to those living in remote rural regions, telehealth has become an essential tool for providing access to those with disabilities, transportation challenges, and those whose busy lives limit their ability to obtain care when and where they want it.

The technology platform through which I provide services was developed specifically for the healthcare setting and is compliant with privacy regulations. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer, laptop or smartphone.

Times preceding the pandemic were stressful enough, but this crisis is creating a psychological, emotional and relational burden on people and families that none of us has ever experienced. I am currently accepting new clients for online therapy, so if you need someone with whom to share your stress, your conflict or your grief, please reach out.

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